Code of Conducts

Clipsico Pack is totally committed to produce and deliver our services with focus on quality, performance, innovation and customer satisfaction through our code of conducts. Clipisco Pack team is expected to embrace the principles of our Code and to:

  • Show respect in the workplace
  • Provide safe working conditions
  • Ensure effective communication
  • Ensure ethics in our business relationships

Clipisco Pack Code of Conducts

Customer Focus : When dealing with our customers, Clipsico Pack always earns their business on the basis of superior products, customer service and competitive price. We understand the requirements of customers and work to develop and improve all aspects of our business.

Health & Safety : We at Clipsico Pack shall always do everything possible to ensure the safety of each employee and to maintain and improve the workplace environment so that we can work in a safe and healthy surrounding.

Confidently : We shall protect customers' privacy and not to disclose any information obtained in the workplace or during business operations

Involvement of People : Promoting culture of continuous learning & training, participation & involvement of people at all levels of our business.

Continuous Improvements & Quality : By continuously establishing and improving the effectiveness of our quality, Clipsico Pack is committed to producing high quality products.Achieving operational excellence by better productivity and driving continual improvements of our products, processes, systems, and services.

Responsibility towards the Environment : Clipsico Pack shall always protect the environment within which it operates. We tend to minimize the environmental impact at all times as we engage in our day-to-day work and to prevent waste of natural resources